Homemade Herbal Teas

I felt like getting organized today and bought these cute jars to put my homemade teas in.

I have Chaga, St. Johnswort, Dandelion, Mint, Rose Hips and Sweet Fern.  We like to look for Chaga growing on birch trees when we hike or snowshoe. You can find it in any season.  St. Johnswort grows in our fields and along roadsides so we pick them when in bloom and dry them on newspapers.   The Mint is harvested from plants in our perennial beds, and the Rose Hips are harvested off of our wild rose bushes after the first frost.  The Sweet Fern is found along the roadsides and we harvest that in the summer.  It is very aromatic and you can also make potpourri with it.  These herbs have many other benefits that you can find on the internet but we like the teas.