Gas Lights in the Home

Gas or propane lighting is the way to go in the home…..You don’t need to worry about starting up a generator.  Just make sure you have enough propane to run the lights (and appliances).

  • Brightness will vary depending on number of lights per gas line.
  • Gas lights are very low maintenance.
  • Fully adjustable from a dim yellow glow to a brilliant white light.
  • Safety certified by the Canadian Gas Association and approved for use in both USA and Canada.
  • Made in Canada.

3 thoughts on “Gas Lights in the Home

  1. Gas and propane are extraordinarily bad for the environment, so I’m going to have to heartily disagree with you there. Fracking for gas has not only ruined large swaths of land in North America, it’s also displaced entire communities. (Solar electric will also not ever bring the potential to blow up one’s house because of a leak.)


    1. Your points are well taken! I think solar is the best way when I think about the devastation that fracking causes. We have a great anti-Northern Pass movement in NH that has made a mark on NH allowing the high voltage transmission line to go through our northern wilderness lands. Thank you for presenting that perspective!


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