February is the Best Month to Ice Fish!

Eskimo Fat Fish Bob House

We usually wait for February before trying our luck at ice fishing.  The fish seem to be more lively and the ice has had a chance to “grow” in thickness.  Last year we bought an Eskimo Fat Fish 6 person insulated portable bob house to stay warm in while out on the ice.  It has the pop up floor squares to cover your holes that you drilled, and it also has windows.  When folded back up, it can be easily pulled on a long plastic sled.


Get ready for maple sugaring!

It’s that time again when the sun warms the earth and trees and the sap runs during the day and then the nights are cold.  This combination makes the first run of syrup the best!  We used to use the metal buckets but the food grade plastic ones are easier to clean.

Maple sugaring

After you collect the sap, boil it down either outside on a grill or wood fire so it doesn’t steam up your kitchen.  Bottle it and store for the winter. You’ll be glad to have your own syrup for baking and of course to put on pancakes, waffles and french toast!  As kids we even drizzled it on snow! Yum!

Gas Lights in the Home

Gas or propane lighting is the way to go in the home…..You don’t need to worry about starting up a generator.  Just make sure you have enough propane to run the lights (and appliances).

  • Brightness will vary depending on number of lights per gas line.
  • Gas lights are very low maintenance.
  • Fully adjustable from a dim yellow glow to a brilliant white light.
  • Safety certified by the Canadian Gas Association and approved for use in both USA and Canada.
  • Made in Canada.

Homemade lard for pies and soap!

0117180913.jpgThis is a very handy thing to have in your cupboard.  We rendered the fat from a pig and heated it until it became liquid. Be very careful as it will splatter if you are not using a deep enough pan.  I used a stock pan.  When it becomes liquid, pour it into hot sterilized Mason quart jars.  Then what’s left in the bottom of the pan is called “cracklins” and is a delicious, although fattening, snack!  Eat them in moderation.

Now you have lard that makes the best pastries and homemade soap!

Homemade Herbal Teas

I felt like getting organized today and bought these cute jars to put my homemade teas in.

I have Chaga, St. Johnswort, Dandelion, Mint, Rose Hips and Sweet Fern.  We like to look for Chaga growing on birch trees when we hike or snowshoe. You can find it in any season.  St. Johnswort grows in our fields and along roadsides so we pick them when in bloom and dry them on newspapers.   The Mint is harvested from plants in our perennial beds, and the Rose Hips are harvested off of our wild rose bushes after the first frost.  The Sweet Fern is found along the roadsides and we harvest that in the summer.  It is very aromatic and you can also make potpourri with it.  These herbs have many other benefits that you can find on the internet but we like the teas.